There are many acronyms used in the health, education and welfare sectors. Here are a few that might be of use.

A&EP Victorian Aids & Equipment Program
A&D Alcohol and Drugs
AAV Aboriginal Affairs Victoria
ABI Acquired Brain Injury
ABHI Australian Better Health Initiative
ABS Australian Bureau of Statistics
ACAS Aged Care Assessment Service
ACAT Aged Care Assessment Team
ACCHO Aboriginal Controlled Community Health Organisation
ACCO Aboriginal Controlled Community Organisation
ACE Adult Council of Education
ACSC Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions
ACT Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
ACU Australian Catholic University
ACFE Adult, Community of Further Education
AD Assistant Director
ADMA Australian Disease Management Association
ADCA Alcohol and Other Drugs Council of Australia
ADIS Alcohol and Drug Information System
ADRI Approach, Deployment, Results, Improvement
AGM Annual General Meeting
AHCA Australian Health Care Agreement
AHMAC Australian Health Ministers Advisoty Council
AHPRA Australian Health Practitioner Regulations Agency
AHS Acute Health Services
AHTO Aboriginal Health Transition Officer
AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AIM Addictions Information Monthly
AIPC Australian Institute of Primary Care
AIRC Australian Industrial Relations Commission
AMA Australian Medical Association
AMC Australian Medical Council
AMES Australian Migration Education Services
ANF Australian Nursing Federation
ANZSOG Australia and New Zealand School of Government
AOD Alcohol & Other Drugs
ARC Australian Research Council
ARCMC Art and Regional Communication Multicultural Council
ASM Active Service Management
ASRC Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
ASSK Alcohol & Substance Survival Knowledge
AYAC Australian Youth Affairs Coalition
BAC Ballarat Aquatic Centre
BADAC Ballarat and District Aboriginal Cooperative
BATS Better Access to Services
BCC Ballarat City Council
BCC Blind Courtesy Copy
BCH Ballarat Community Health
BCHC Ballarat Community Health Centre
BCOP Better Care of Older Persons
BCRC Ballarat Community Resource Centre
BDDGP Ballarat and District Division of General Practice
BDNH Ballarat District Nursing and Health Care
BHS Ballarat Health Services
BHY Ballarat Homeless Youth
BIAC Ballarat Intercultural Aged Connections
BLX Ballarat Learning Exchange
BNC Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre
BNH Bush Nursing Hospital
BOD Burden of Disease
BOM Board of Management
BRASSN Ballarat Refugee and Asylum Seeker Support Network (a sub-group of Advocacy and Events Action Group)
Breezeway Ballarat Meals for Homeless People (UnitingCare)
BRMC Ballarat Regional Multicultural Council
BRSAC Ballarat Regional Settlement Advocacy Committee (Bi-monthly committee meetings)
BYA Ballarat Youth Allocations
CACPS Commonwealth Aged Care Packages
CAFS Child and Family Services
CAFW Child, Adolescent and Family Welfare
CAG Consumer Advisory Group
CALD Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (backgrounds)
CAMHS Child and Adolescent Area Mental Health Services
CAMS Client Account Management System
CAP Cultural Action Plan
CASA Centre Against Sexual Assault
CASIS Client and Services Information System
CAT Crisis Assessment Team
CATT Crisis Assessment and Treatment Team
CBO Community Based Order
CC Courtesy Copy
CCC Creating Connections Consortium
CCRC Commonwealth Carer Respite and Carelink Centre
CD Chronic Disease
CDAMS Cognitive Dementia and Memory Service
CEEP Creating Connections Education Employment Pathways
CEO Chief Executive Officer
CFA Country Fire Authority
CH&S Community Health and Support
CH Community Health
CHADA Central Highlands Aged and Disability Alliance
CHC Community Health and Support
CHCLC Central Highlands Community Legal Centre
CHCN Central Highlands Cultural Network
CHF Chronic Heart Failure
CHOPS Community Health Operating Payment System
CHP Council To Homeless Persons
CHP Community Health Plan
CHPCP Central Highlands Primary Care Partnership
CHPIA Community Health Plan Implementation Agreement
CHR Cultural Highlands Region
CHRLC Central Highlands Regional Library Corporation
CHRSPC Central Highlands Regional Settlement Planning Committee
CHSA Central Highlands Sports Assembly
CHWC Central Highlands Women’s Collective
CHWR Central Highlands Wimmera Region
CII Cognitive Impairment Identifier
CISM Critical Incident Stress Management
CKD Chronic Kidney Disease
CMY Centre for Multicultural Youth
CO Central Office
COAG Council of Australian Government
COB City of Ballarat
COPD Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
COTA Council of the Ageing
CP Care Planning
CPAP Countinous Positive Airways Pressure
CPP Community Partners Program
CPSU Community and Public Sector Union
CRAF Common Risk Assessment Framework
CRC Community Rehabilitation Centre
CRU Community Residential Unit (Disability Services)
CSA Children's Services Advisor
CSO Community Service Organisation
CSSS Community Settlement Services Scheme
CTG Close the Gap
CTGHP Close the Gap Health Plan
CVD Cardio-vascular Disease
CYF Children Youth & Families
DAFNE Dose Adjustment for Normal Eating
DCH Delacombe Community House
DEECD Dept. of Educ. & Early Childhood Development
DH Department of Health
DHS Department of Human Services
DHSV Dental Health Services Victoria
DIAC Department of Immigration and Citizenship
DIMA Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs
DINMA Disease, Injury, Near Miss, Accident (form)
DNR Delacombe Neighborhood Renewal Project
DOB Date of Birth
DOH Department of Health
DOHA Department of Health and Ageing
DOJ Department of Justice
DON Director of Nursing
DOT Department of Transport
DPCD Department of Planning & Community Development
DSCG Dispute Settlement Centre Grampians Region
DSM Diabetes Self Management
DX Document Exchange
DTF Department of Treasury and Finance
DVA Department of Veterans Affairs
EACH Extended Aged Care at Home
EACH Eastern Access Community Health
EACHD Extended Aged Care at Home Dementia
EAP Employee Assistance Program
EBA Enterprise Bargaining Agreement
ECASA Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault
ECCV Ethnic Community Council of Victoria
ECKA Eureka Community Kindergarten Association
ED Executive Director
EEO Equal Employment Opportunity
EET Education, Employment & Training
EFT Equivalent Full Time
EHO Enviromental Health Officer
EIICDM Early Intervention in Chronic Disease Management
EMR Eastern Metropolitan Region
EO Executive Officer
EOI Expression of Interest
EP Entry Point
EPC Enhanced Primary Care
ESL English as a Second Language
ESS Employee Self Service
EVOLVE Strategic Capacity Building Project Consortium of BRMC, BCH, CMY and COB
FAABI Fipino Australian Association of Ballarat Inc.
FAHCSIA Department of Families, Housing, Community Services & Indigenous Affairs
FASA Funding and Service Agreement
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
FECCA Federation of Ethnic Communities Council of Australia
FGIL Feeling Good In Life (Bloomsbury House)
FOI Freedom of Information
FRMP Family Reconciliation Mediation Program
FSR Flexible Service Response
F/T Full Time
FTE Full Time Equivalent
FV Friendly Visiting
GCHC Grampians Community Health Centre
GECC Gippsland Ethnic Community Council
GEM Geriatric Evaluation Management
GICS Governer in Council
GICS Grampians Intergrated Cancer Service
GP General Practitioner
GPL General Practice Liason
GPV General Practice Victoria
GRASP Grampians Region Aboriginal Service Plan
GRCS Grampians Regional Continence Service
GRPCC Grampians Region Palliative Care Consortium
GSERP Government Sector Executive Remuneration Panel
GYSAG Grampians Youth Services Advisory Group
H&AC Health and Aged Care
H&CB Housing & Community Building
HA Homelessness Australia
HACC Home and Community Care
HACH Homelessness Assistance & Community Housing
HACSU Health and Community Services Union
HARP Hospital Admission Risk Program
HAS Homeless Advocacy Service
HAS HACC Assessment Service
HASS Homelessness Assistance Service Standards
HDs Higher Duties
HDA Higher Duties Allowance
HEF Housing Establishment Fund
HEN Home Enteral Nutrition
HepB (A,C) Hepatitis B (A,C)
HIP Health Independence Program
HIR Housing Information & Referral
HITH Hospital in the Home
HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus
HP Health Promotion
HPLC Homeless Persons Legal Clinic
HS Health Service
HSD Housing Sector Development
HSD Human Services Directory
HSUA Health Services Union of Australia
IAP Initial Assessment & Planning
IC Initial Contact
ICAP Improving Care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients
ICM Intensive Case Management
ICT Information and Communications Technology
IELTS International English Language Testing System
IHP Intergrated Health Promotion
IHSHY Innovative Health Services for Homeless Youth
IHSS Integrated Humanitarian Settlement Strategy
IM Information Management
INI Initial Needs Identification
IR Interim Response
IR Industrial Relations
IRSED Index of Relative Socio-Economic Advantage and Disadvantage
IT Information Technology
ITAR Indigenous Tenancies at Risk
JANA Jobs – A new Approach (Ballarat)
JIGSAW Youth Mental Health Model (Geelong)
JPET Job Placement Employment and Training
KPI Key Performance Indicator
KRA Key Result Area
KSC Key Selection Criteria
LAECG Local Aboriginal Education Consultative Group
LAHA Living at Home Assessment
LAN Local Area Network
LASN Local Area Service Networks
LBWR Leadership Ballarat and Western Region
LGA Local Government Authority
LGA’s Local Government Areas
LIL Leave in Lieu
LIN Local Aboriginal Network
LLEN Local Learning and Employment Network
LLS Living & Life Skills Program
LSL Long Service Leave
LSOP Long Stay Older Patient
LWOP Leave Without Pay
M&CH Maternal and Child Health
M&CHN Maternal and CHild Health Nurse
MAC Ministerial Advisory Committee
MACN Multiple and Complex Needs
MACNI Multiple and Complex Needs Initiative

Multicultural Action Group Network comprising four action groups convened by BRSAC members and sharing agendas and minutes through BRSAC Sectretariat

-Advocacy and Events

-Health and Wellbeing

-Education and Employment

- Youth

MASC Making A Significant Change
MBS Medicare Benefits Schedule
MCT Multicultural Tucker
MDS Minimum Data Set
MEHI Median Equivilised Household Income
MEND Mind Exercise Nutrition Do It
MHFA Mental Health First Aid
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MPHP Municipal Public Health Plan
MSS Managers Self Service
MYSS Melbourne Youth Support Service
N&W North & West Metropolitan Region
NCMRSA National Council of Migrant Resource and Settlement Agencies
NDCA National Data Collection Agency
NDSS National Diabetic Supply Scheme
NEMA North Eastern Multicultural Association
NESB Non English Speaking Background
NGO Non-Government Organisation
NH Nursing Home
NICE National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence
NPAH National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness
NSEP Needle and Syringe Exchange Program
NSP Needle & Syringe Program
NSPS National Suicide Prevention Strategy
NYCH National Youth Coalition for Housing
OD Opening Doors Framework
OoH Office of Housing
OH&S Occupational Health and Safety
OPSC Office of the Public Service Commissioner
OSCAR Online Settlement Client Activity Reports
O/T Overtime
Oxygen Youth mental Health Model (Melbourne)
P/T Part Time
PAC Post Acute Care
PACT Protect All Children Today
PAG Planned Activity Group
PARTH Participation Access Resources and Training on Homeless Youth
PASA Policy and Service Advisor
PASA Prgogram and Service Advisor
PAV Personal Alert Victoria Program
PCV Palliative Care Victoria
PCP Primary Care Partnership
PD Professional Development
PDRSS Psychiatric Disability Rehabilitation & Support Service
PDSA Plan Do Study Act
PGAT Psycho-Geriatric Assessment Team
PHACS Primary Health and Community Support
PIAP Public Internet Access Point
PICAC Partners in Culturally Appropriate Care
PIN Personal Identification Number
PIN Provisional Improvement Notice
PMHT Primary Mental Health Team 10
PND Post Natal Depression
PPD Progression, Performance and Development System
PPPS Processes, Practices, Protocols and Systems
PPQ Possible Parliamentary Question
PODS Providing Opportunities and Developing Services for Young People
PRO Public Records Office
PS Public Service
PSA Public Service Act
PSC Public Service Commissioner
QIPPS Quality Improvement Program Planning System
RAC Residential Aged Care
RACC Regional Arts & Culture Council
RACGP Royal Australian College of General Practitioners
RCR Right Click Records
RD Regional Director
RFMS Regional Financial Management System
RL Recreational Leave
RPN Registered Psychiatric Nurse
RREF Regional Resource Equity Formula
RSSN Regional Settlement Support Network
RTW Return to Work
RWAV Rural Workforce Agency Victoria
RYAN Regional Youth Affairs Network
SAAP Supported Accommodation Assistance Program
SACS Sub-acute Ambulatory Care Services
SAILS Social, Activities, Interests, Leisure, Support
SAMS Service Agreement Management System
SC Service Coordination
SCOA Settlement Council of Australia
SCTT Service Coordination Tool Templates
SCUFF Self Care Understanding for Feet
SEIFA Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas
SEN State Enrolled Nurse
SFAR Support for Families at Risk of Homelessness
SFYS School Focused Youth Service
SGP Settlement Grants Program
SHARE Forum Settlement, Humanitarian and Refugee Enhancement (Bi-annual Forum for networking and professional development)
SHASP Social Housing Advocacy & Support Program
SHRS Small Rural Health Service
SL Sick Leave
SMA Senior Medical Advisor
SMB School of Mines Ballarat (UB)
SMF Staff Movement Form
SMR Southern Metropolitan Region
SP Support Periods
SRS Supported Residential Service
SSA State Services Authority
SSATI Same Sex Attracted, Transgender & Intersex
SSMART Surviving Substance Misuse & Alcohol Risk Taking
SSR System Services Resourcing
STD Sexually Transmitted Diseases
STI Sexually Transmitted Infection
STJOG St John of God Hospital
TADS Treating Adolescents Depression Study
TCP Transitional Care Program
TESOL Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
THM Transitional Housing Manager
TIL Time In Lieu
TILA Transition to Independent Living Allowance (one off payment ~$1000)
TIS Translating & Interpreting Service
TQM Total Quality Management
TRP Total Remuneration Package
TSP Training & Strategic Planning
UB University of Ballarat
VAADA Victorian Association of Alcohol and Drug Agencies
VACCHO Victorian Aboriginal Controlled Health Organisation
VAED Victorian Admitted Episodes Data
VAGO Victorian Auditor-General's Office
VALP Victorian Artificial Limbs Program
VCAB The Victorian Association of Citizen's Advice Bureau
VCOSS Victorian Council of Social Services
VDP Voluntary Departure Packages
VEMD Victorian Emergency Minimum Dataset
VEOHRC Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission
VHDC Victorian Homelessness Data Collection
VHIA Victorian Hospitals Industrial Association
VHS Victorian Homeless Strategy
VINAH Victorian Integrated Non-Admitted Health Minimum Dataset
VIRWC Victorian Immigrant & Refugee Women’s Coalition
VMC Victorian Multicultural Commission
VPPCP Victorian Pediatric Palliative Care Program
VPS Victorian Public Service
VPTAS Victorian Patient Transport Assistance Scheme
VPTAS Victorian Patients Transport and Accommodation Scheme
VSB Victorian Superannuation Board
VSK Very Special Kids
VTP Voluntary Tutor Program
VWA Victorian Workcover Authority
WDA Wimmera Development Association
WDGP Wimmera Division of Geneal Practice
WDHS Western District Health Service (Hamilton)
WHG Women’s Health Grampians

Weighted Inlier Equivalent Seperations (casemix funding)

WRAPS Women Responding to Abuse by Partners
WRISC Women’s Resource Information and Support Centre
WUC Wimmera Uniting Care
WWA Wendouree West Alliance
WWCH Wendouree West Community House
YAA Youth Accommodation Assistance
YAG Youth Advisory Group (of CMY)
YFHP Youth Focused Housing Placement
YHAP Youth Homelessness Action Plan (Creating Connections)
YMCA Young Men’s Christian Association
YMHRP Youth Mental Health Reform Project
YOG Youth Options Guarantee
YPCC Yuille Park Community College
YPHS Young People’s Health Service
YSAAP Youth Supported Accommodation Assistance Program