Ballarat Regional Multicultural Council Inc. (BRMC) is the peak multicultural agency in the Central Highlands Grampians Region (CHGR).

Members include 24 Cultural Associations/Groups and numerous Individual and Associate members affiliated with BRMC.

Our mission is to work in partnership with other community organisations, cultural associations and members to actively promote multiculturalism, cultural diversity and the well-being of all migrant communities throughout the region.

Our purpose is to actively promote and develop goodwill, understanding and harmony in our culturally diverse community.

BRMC provides opportunities for all people of all cultural backgrounds to come together to celebrate multiculturalism and cultural diversity, and provides advisory services, support and advocacy for the particular needs of both older established migrant groups, plus new arrivals.

  • To provide opportunities for people of all cultural backgrounds to come together.
  • To provide advisory services, support and advocacy for the particular needs of people of various cultural backgrounds.
  • To advocate on relevant government policy and practice at the local, state and federal level to ensure appropriate service provision.
  • To provide government and other bodies or agencies in the Ballarat region with an open channel of communication with cultural groups and organisations.
  • To promote a greater awareness of multicultural values, the contributions and the specific needs of community groups within the region.
  • To advise relevant agencies in the region on the social, legal, cultural, educational, health and welfare needs of residents of culturally diverse backgrounds with an emphasis on equitable access to services.

Our Staff

Position Name Email
Executive Officer Ann Foley
Communications Janelle Swainston
Senior Services
Teresa Azzopardi
Senior Services Support Helen Bennetts
Settlement Services Deruka Dekuek
Migrant English Support
Sarabjit Kaur
Strategic Engagement Annie Dunn
Finance and Compliance Annakaren Young
Stepping Stones Deborah Klein
Good Governance
Sarabjit Kaur

All staff can be contacted on 03 5383 0613.

Executive Committee Members for 2019/2020

Position Name
Chairperson Chez Dichiera
Deputy Chair Dimitri Dollard
Secretary Alma Lapina
Assistant Secretary Magdalena Kazmierczak
Treasurer Andrew Tennant
Assistant Treasurer Paul Miller
Public Relations Officer Bobby Mehta
Youth Officer Lunorphare Folly
Women’s Affairs Officer Joy Juma
Interfaith Officer Lokan Ravi
Community Representatives Navin Thomas
Hemraz Bhoolah
Immediate Past Chair Constantine Osuchukwu

General and Associate Members

Our Story

Ballarat Regional Multicultural Council, also known as BRMC, is a registered charity and a not-for-profit community service organisation. Established in 1999 BRMC is an incorporated association accountable to members through the BRMC Executive Committee.

BRMC is also accredited under the Aged Care Quality Standards.

BRMC offers a core set of services that support engagement and advocacy for new and emerging migrant communities and multicultural communities in the region, including multicultural sector coordination, settlement, community development, aged support, training and education, as well as arts and events.

BRMC manages the Ballarat Welcome Centre and a team of staff, volunteers and partners with government, community and business to promote our objectives.


Ballarat Regional Multicultural Council respectfully acknowledges the Wadawurrung and Dja Dja Wurrung people, their elders and community leaders, past, present and emerging
– traditional custodians of the land on which we live and work.

BRMC actively promotes intercultural and interfaith harmony. We help build inclusive and diverse communities and economies.
We work with members and partners to strengthen diversity and social cohesion in regional Victoria.

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