BRMC Multicultural Job Club

Held every second and fourth Thursday of each month, 1pm – 2.30pm
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Offering connection and support to people on their employment journey. The Multicultural Job Club is a fortnightly session where you will connect and support each other, set achievable goals, meet new people, connect with services, learn something new and build confidence.

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Good Governance Program

  • Free governance support from experienced mentors
  • Great for community organisations, cultural groups and associations
  • Management strategies to get your committee closer to your vision

BRMC’s Good Governance program offers free governance support to community organisations, cultural groups and associations looking for governance and compliance advice. Experienced and trained volunteer mentors support committee members with management strategies to help them realise their vision for their communities through ongoing mentoring, advice and governance support.

To find out how your cultural group or committee can participate or for more information contact Sarabjit at

Good Governance Webinar: Resurfacing After COVID-19

Tuesday 9th November, 6.30pm – 8pm
Meeting ID: 876 3800 3439
Passcode: 804398

Community Volunteers: Migrant English Program

The Migrant English Program offers free English tutoring to empower individuals with the language skills required for their social and professional growth.

We’d like to celebrate the partnership of Dalliany and her tutor Rita. They have achieved the goal they set out for themselves at the start of 2020. In spite of the challenges that the pandemic posed, Dalliany and Rita continued to work towards perfecting the language skills required to realise Dalliany’s dream of undertaking a career in nursing. A big ‘thank you’ to Rita for being an exceptionally committed mentor for Dalliany. This picture is from 2019, when they met at the library for the first time.

Here’s Dalliany, sharing her story:
“My name is Dalliany, I’m Brazilian, and I’ve been living in Australia since 2018. I have a degree in education, although I have always had a passion for healthcare field. When I arrived in Australia, I thought I knew how to greet or say basic sentences in English. However, I realised that I didn’t understand anything, and it was tough to communicate. So, I started looking for some English schools, and I found the Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre where I met Lisa, a lovely and attentive person. She referred me to the Ballarat Regional Multicultural Council (BRMC) to do volunteer work, as this would help me practice my language through meeting people and interacting with them. That’s when I met everyone from BRMC, Sarabjit and the great English program for immigrants.

At the end of 2019, I started attending English classes with my tutor Rita. She taught me English to survive here in Australia, such as vocabulary and how to express myself when going to the doctor, dentist, supermarket, children’s school meetings, etc. In 2020, after the pandemic started, our classes changed to the online format via Zoom. Sometime later, I told Rita about my goal of taking an English test to start another degree here in Australia, this time in the health area. Therefore, Sarabjit, Rita and I changed the format of my English class to the IELTS preparation. Rita was always very dedicated and attentive to me. Together we practised the Speaking and Writing part. I practised Listening and Reading questions on an online platform by myself, and then after a few months, I decided to take the test. I got 6.5 overall in the IELTS Academic in my first test, and I was thrilled and proud with the result.

However, I still hadn’t reached my desired score because I needed an overall 7 in all bands, I tried again sometime later, and I got precisely the same score. I decided to change the type of the test, and I chose to do the PTE, which is a computer-based test. Once again, Rita altered the teaching of our classes to the PTE, and in my second test, I got much more than I needed. My score was 73 overall (81 speaking, 73 listening, 69
Reading and 69 Listening).

I’m already enrolled at Australian Catholic University to start a Nursing Degree on February 2022. I’ll continue my English studies, and I believe the University will also help me a lot. I have no words to thank Rita, who is now a friend for me, and Sarabjit for all the dedication and support they always gave me. Thank you so much.”

Diversity Homework Club

MY Education Awards: Diversity Homework Club was declared Regional Homework Club of the Year for the second consecutive year. We are proud of the resilience demonstrated by all our students and tutors through the ups and downs of 2020-21.

Martha Tuany won the MY Education Outstanding Student – Primary Award:
“I am so happy to get the Outstanding Student – Primary award. Thank you for being great tutors and teachers this year at the homework club. I had such a great time joining the Zoom calls and doing fun activities with you guys. My favourite thing about this past year was learning with Diversity Homework Club. Thank you so much for all that you do.”

Thank you, Martha, we are proud of you!

Our students continue to inhabit the joyful world of reading. Each school term, they get the opportunity to win Good Readers’ Gold, Silver, Bronze and Appreciation awards.

Congratulations to the winners of Reading Awards for Term 3:

Amal Hari
Imaani Macharia
Kathjajini Neelavannan
Sarah Hussein
Ujiwal Gambhir
Martha Tuany
Ankita Hari
Nivetha Neelavannan
Pritha Chhabra
Syed Zakir UmarZaid Umar Syed
Nyador Lul
Nyamar Lul
Abhaas Chhabra
Eliyeza Nimoda
Nyakuey Diew
Nyasunday David Bol

Diversity Homework Club creates opportunities for students to learn, explore, share and create in a friendly, non-judgemental environment. Over the past few months, the students have participated in numerous activities thoughtfully designed to enhance their learning and leadership skills.

If you’d like to learn more or find out how you can participate, contact Sarabjit at

Diversity Homework Club: Creative Workshops

BRMC Diversity Homework Club students took part in Term 3 school holiday Creative Workshops. They enjoyed making bat mobiles, micro bat nesting boxes and visiting installed nesting boxes at the Gong Gong Reserve.

Social Support

BRMC Social Support delivered Multicultural Tucker on the 13th and 14th of October – German theme. We will also provide a home delivery on the 27th October.

While it is unsafe to provide you with face-to-face activities, we hope you are enjoying home deliveries. The BRMC Social Support Team look forward to seeing you all and chatting at your door!

Are you looking for things to do during lockdown?

ACMI has one of the most significant moving image collections in Australia. So why not browse the selection below and take a trip down memory lane today:

Royal Botanic Gardens – Experience the Gardens from the comfort of your home with a selection of videos, workshops, talks and tours:

If you know someone who would benefit from BRMC Social Support Services, contact Teresa on 0417 109 052 or