Strategic Plan

During the early part of 2011 the Executive Committee consulted with internal and external stakeholders and built on the work of the previous Committee to produce a Strategic Plan for the organisation. The key strategies are reproduced below and the full document is available for 2011 BRMC Strategic Plan



Advocacy and Representation



Develop and promote strategic partnerships with relevant bodies


Promote the benefits of multiculturalism in the wider community


Provide representation regarding policy, services and programs on behalf of cultural groups to Government and other bodies


Seek funding on behalf of members and BRMC for relevant programs and services


Marketing and Communication



Facilitate intercultural communication and interaction


Promote the use of BRMC’s facilities as a hub for the multicultural communities


Provide information to the CALD community of Ballarat to assist them in achieving their goals


Services and Capacity Building



Assist with settlement planning for newly arrived migrants


Contribute to interagency planning and delivery of programs for the CALD community.


Contribute to planning and delivery of multicultural events


Promote programs for CALD youth


Provide assistance with training and development programs which assist in creating employment for newly arrived migrants


Promote and provide programs for aged multicultural communities


Provide cultural awareness programs to the wider Ballarat community





Develop and maintain a strategic plan for the organisation continually monitoring it for relevance and effectiveness


Research the needs of the CALD community in Ballarat